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Bucs zeroing in on Freeman

Kansas State QB Josh Freeman

Kansas State QB Josh Freeman

Mike Florio, of Profootballtalk.com sighting an unnamed league source, is unequivocally suggesting the Buccaneers are zeroing in on former Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman with the 19th overall selection in the first round.

Should the Buccaneers finally select a quarterback in the first round since the drafting of Trent Dilfer back in the 1994, it could quite possibly mean the end of not only Brian Griese, but also former fifth round pick from last Josh Johnson.

There are alot of dynamics at play here for not only Raheem Morris, but also Mark Dominik, not only does the team have huge holes to fill on the defensive side of the football, the lack of a consistent signal caller over the past few decades has really hurt the teams desirability.

But after wiffing on former first rounders Michael Clayton, Carnell Williams and to a lesser extent Gaines Adams, the new brain trust needs to reinvergrate the bewildered fan base, who for all acute purposses has lost faith in the teams ability to develope young talent.

Should Freeman be the pick tommorrow, he will be given a chance to sit and learn while adjusting the the speed of the game.

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