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College Scouting director Hickey gets peppered by media

Dennis Hickey Director of College scouting, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sat down with members of the media today to field question about the up coming draft and the recent lack of success in regards to past drafts.

Jim Flynn & Charlie Campbell, of PewterReport.com have the entire dog & pony show transcribed. One typically doesn’t gain much knowledge from these such mundane gatherings, it is worth noting Hickey seemed to be on the defensive when it came to the lack of overall talent on the current roster.

Over the past five drafts the team has had 32 picks after the third round and only one of those has become a consistent starter. Why haven’t those players made it on the team, become starters, or become more successful picks for the team?
“Each player, as you look back at each player there are different reasons. Again some of those players, I know a lot of people have given up hope on those players, but some players take longer to develop. That could play a part of it. I don’t know specifically, each player is different.”

Do you guys feel you have to do better on the second day of the draft?
“I approach it the same way. I’m trying to as scouts, as personnel people, we are trying to improve the talent of our football team to bring us to a championship. We had a championship in 2002. Until we reach that championship I’m not going to be content.”

Do you look in the mirror and say that we have to draft better?
“Every year I look in the mirror. We always evaluate. We evaluate the history of the draft. We evaluate our history of the draft. We look at those and look at what we did right, and look at what we can learn from that to improve in the future.”

Do you change your approach to scouting players?
“When you say approach to scouting players it comes down to the same things, and the evaluations, that stays the same. Now there we are obviously looking to improve in every way. Whether it is structurally with our reports, or those type of things. We are always looking to improve in every way we can.”

Could it be not a scouting issue, but the picks made by people above you?
“Each player is different. We evaluate each player individually on that. Again we are always looking for ways to improve the process.”

Is there ever a time when look at a draft and say this was not a good draft?
“I don’t think you can ever say that to be honest because the talent pool is the same for all teams. There are good players in this draft, and there is going to be good players in every round of this draft. You have to pick them, and you have to get the right ones. Some people say it is a lousy draft, but I don’t think that is accurate for any draft.” Source: PewterReport.com

At least some in the media decided to take Hickey to task for some of the past draft debacles of recent history. But still, one has to wonder just how much will change when it comes to the team being able to draft and develop players, with the scouting department staying intact.  It might be time to start there on the next house cleaning expadition.

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