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Dilfer: Bucs need Mark Sanchez

Former Buccaneer quarterback and Superbowl winner now turned ESPN studio analyst Trent Dilfer was on ESPN 1040 AM Monday, urging Mark Dominik & Raheem Morris to do what every it takes to move up into the top 10, to select USC QB Mark Sanchez as he is the best pro in this draft as Dilfer spouts it.

“I really believe this is the opportunity the Bucs have and move up and get a quarterback,” Dilfer said. “Mark Sanchez is the best pro in this draft. When the only bad thing you can say about somebody is that they’d only started 16 games, that’s pretty good. The more film I watch,  the better he looks each time. For the Bucs he’s a QB for 8 or 10 years and take them to a couple of Super Bowls.” Transcribed by JoeBucsfan.com

“He’s a far superior player to Matt Leinart at this point in his career. [Sanchez’s] receivers at USC were not very good, undisciplined in route running. He had inexperienced linemen. He carried the offense.  He’s better than Carson Palmer, as well. Mark Sanchez is a leader among leaders, a special individual who embraces the challenges in front of him.” Transcribed by JoeBucsfan.com

“He does have a strong arm. He doesn’t have a [Matt] Stafford arm. Study the film hard enough and you see a combination of quick release and strong arm. … His style makes it very hard for secondary players to break on the football. … He’s got great pocket maneuvering. … a remarkable ability to play the position the way it needs to be played in the NFL.” Transcribed by JoeBucsfan.com

Dilfer, undeniably believes the Bucs are in “a major rebuilding process.”

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