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Four DT’s on Bucs Radar

Continuing with the theme of late, with the draft drawing closer it is time to look at four lesser named defensive tackles. With the team wanting to improve its run defense, while also becoming bigger at the point of attack, after being gashed for over eight hundred yards in the final four games of the 2008 regular season they opted not to resign DT Javon Haye.

With an unheralded group of young players who are all over the 310 pound mark in Ryan Sims, Greg Peterson & Dre Moore with question marks surrounding them it has the team scouring the nation for a possible upgrade or even depth.

The four players who have shown up on the teams radar currently include Ron Brace of Boston College who is 6’3 330 pounds, Chris Baker of Hampton who is 6’2 326 pounds, Sammie Lee Hill of Stillman who is 6’4 329 pounds and Terrance Knighton of Temple who is 6’3 321 pounds. All four of them have private workouts’ scheduled with the team prior to the NFL draft.

If the team has it sights set on acquiring Ron Brace it will have to take a gamble on him in the first round because they are without a second round pick either that or swing a trade to pick up a  second rounder with Brace stock currently projecting him to be  mid to late second rounder.

The other three project to be 5th – 7th rounders. While it is a huge change is philosophy as to what type of players that have usually patrolled the middle for the Bucs in the past decade. Most gap clogging interior defensive lineman are usually drafted on the second day which would follow suite within the NFL when it comes to taking the mammoth anchors along the D-line.

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