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Insight into Dominik’s draft day approach

During Mark Dominiks’ inaugural press conference after being name the Buccaneers new general manager, he stated he would take things from the past GM’s he has worked for. So after doing some internet digging, I came across five basic principles that Tim Ruskell GM of the Seattle Seahwaks uses, what he says he learned under Jerry Angelo & Rich McKay, sticking with that train of thought about Dominik taking the best from his past and incorporating it to what he will do, this might help some nail down what Dominik might be thinking when it comes to his approach to this weekends draft.

According to Ruskell, the five keys to drafting he has learned throughout his career from the aforementioned general managers is.

Rule No. 1: Character is essential

Rule No. 2: A considerable body of work matters more than a meteoric rise

Rule No. 3: Must love the game

Rule No. 4: Big conferences and big schools equal big impact

Rule No. 5: Heart over height

Should Dominik take this same approach to drafting, then some of the so called post combine risers might potentially already be discredited, as they would break rule number 2. Then you have the small school products that would not equal big school, big impact theory.

Then you have the whole character thing, a player such as Percy Harvin who has been linked to failed drug test and other off the field problems, might be srticken from the draft board as his character has come under fire.

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