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Kiper still beleives Bucs need Freeman

Anwar Richardson, of the Tampa Tribune was able to track down the man, who’s hair never seems to be out of place Mel Kiper who is a draft critic for ESPN.com. Kiper one of the most recognizable names when it comes to college prospects still feels that the Bucs need Kansas State QB Josh Freeman.

Sighting that he just doesn’t feel Luke McCown can be the quarterback of the future nor does he feel Josh Johnson is ready to compete.

“Right now the big question is who’s going to be the heir apparent to Luke McCown? Who is Luke McCown going to be the bridge to?,” Kiper said. “Chad Pennington [Miami quarterback] is the bridge to Chad Henne. Kyle Boller and Troy Smith [Baltimore] were supposed to be the bridge to Joe Flacco. Fortunately, not because of injuries, he [Flacco] became the guy a lot earlier than maybe they thought he would be the guy.

“Who is the bridge to the next quarterback? That is what you have to determine.”

Kiper, believes Freeman has more potential then either McCown or last years fifth round pick Josh Johnson.

“I consider Josh Johnson to be a developmental, long-range prospect coming out of lower level competition at San Diego like he did,” Kiper said. “Obviously, you look at the situation with McCown and he’s more of a backup type in the NFL and you would have Freeman. Freeman is better than Johnson and he certainly, hopefully, will be better than McCown.

“You don’t want Freeman coming out as a junior starting this year right away. But at 6-6, 250 pounds and the great arm that he has, he’s going to be a guy that if you work with, you’re going to have something special there.”

I for one, can’t buy into the notion that McCown is simply a backup at this point, until he has been given a fair chance it is anyone’s guess as too what the team has in McCown or Johnson for that matter.

There have been plenty of quarterbacks who have been late bloomers which could be the case for McCown. Freeman, while Kiper suggest that he needs time to develop could easily turn out to be the next Patrick Ramsey who saw his stock grow and was selected in the bottom half of the first round, but has been nothing more then a clipboard jockey.

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