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Kirwan: Freeman to the Bucs at 19

Pat Kirwan, of NFL.com in his latest version of his mock draft has the Buccaneers selecting Kansas State QB Josh Freeman with the 19th pick. With the over abundance of hype Freeman has been getting, one has to wonder how much will the one year stint Raheem Morris had as the defensive coordinator have on the thought process when it comes to Freeman if he is on the board when the Bucs are on the clock April 25.

Many draft pundits have been hyping Freeman of late, but with such an ordinary class at the quarterback position this year it would appear that is all it is, just hype as lobbyist for Freeman point out the inferior talent that surrounded him, but lets flip the coin for a second, if Freeman was truly a difference maker at quarterback, then why in a conference that leaked like a sieve defensively did Freeman put up pedestrian like numbers.

Freeman has played in 25 games against Big 12 opponents with 506 passes completed out of 867 attempts for a 58% completion rate, with 5,743 yards or 229 a game with 22 touchdowns to 25 interceptions with a conference not known for it’s defensive stoutness these numbers don’t scream for one who is being hyped as the next coming.

From many of the scouting reports I have read Freeman lacks many of the intangibles that would cause a team to draft him in the first round such as leadership, anticipation skills, accuracy in the pocket & on the move, makes poor decisions & is late or early on timing routes.

Overall Freeman needs major work and is no different then that of Josh Johnson at this point.

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