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Morris continues to drop hints, as the draft draws near

With the NFL Draft less then three weeks away Raheem ” The Dream” Morris continues to drop minutiae hints as to the possible direction the Buccaneers well be heading come draft day. After saying late last week the teams is looking to upgrade the entire defensive line along with the corner back spot.

Morris has now given another helpful hint as to the type of players the team will be adding come April 25 through April 26.

“The focus for me is now going to turn to the draft, obviously,” said Morris. “It’s coming up here at the end of the month. We’ve got to get ready to deal with that. We’ve got to make sure we know everybody in the draft. We’ve got to know everybody inside-out, we’ve got to know who we’re going to add to our team.”

“You always have to be careful who you add to your team,” said Morris. “There’s always the risk-reward factor.” Source: Buccaneers.com

It would not be out of the question, that the players selected will be of high moral fiber based on the above statements by Morris. Anytime a coach is weighing risk verses reward, past transcrations and questionable character issues will play a huge role in slotting players on draft boards in the War Room at One Buc Place.

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