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Morris has doubts about Freeman being a winner

In an article that appears on the St.PeteTimes.com website, by Rick Stroud. It now appears that doubt might be creeping in, as Raheem Morris might be seconding guessing whether or not Josh Freeman is a winner or not, with a 14-18 career win – loss record at Kansas State. It would not seem by just glancing over the numbers that the over hyped Freeman is a clear cut winner, but of course there are many shades of gray when looking at a quarterbacks numbers, in this case his win – loss record.

Morris said. “He started probably Week 5 and had a big-time game over Oklahoma State, where he won a game. Had a big-time game against Texas where he helped us win that game. He was starting to come into his own when I left. All I know is he put up big-time numbers, not big-time win production and that’s a major factor for a quarterback. Whenever you’re drafting a quarterback, you want to make sure he’s a winner.”

Not so fast, there is not any scout or coach who can honestly think, that a  touchdown to interception ratio of 44-34 is big time numbers, when you consider he played in a conference that defensively leaked like a sieve.

So the question now becomes, does Morris think Freeman is a winner? From all the reports I have read about Freeman, they have all in one form or fashion drawn the same conclusion and that is a sore spot or in this case a red flag as many draft analyst question his leadership skills and his ability to carry a team. Many feel he will need a far superior supporting cast surrounding him to succeed at the NFL level, which is not a ringing endorsement of him being a winner nor a player that can elevate the talent around him to greater heights.

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