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On The Clock: Buccaneers

Pat Yasinskas, of ESPN.com has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the clock with what he is referring to as his dream scenario and his plan b draft plight. It is true the since it’s inception the Bucs have been known for there defensive prowess.

Yasinskas, throws out three defensive players for the first round that he thinks would be good fit for the Bucs at 19, but only one of whom is actually a fit based on the new scheme the Bucs will implement in 2009.  He suggest that DE Everette Brown, DE Robert Ayers and DT Peria Jerry would be the way to go under his dream scenario, but Pat why would the team gamble so much on Ayers when his production in college doesn’t match his current hype. Not to mention with Brown being the second or first DE on many draft boards around NFL war rooms how do you see him falling all the way down to 19, then there is the little fact that with so many teams switching to the 3-4 and needing pass rushing OLB’s.

With the team putting an emphasis on the pass rush coming form the ends in Tampa under the Bates defense and space clogging mammoths how does a one gap tackle fit into what many feel will be a hybrid two gap system with one gap principles.

Plan B is much more foreseeable seeing as the team needs to give McCown or who ever the starter will be more weapons as Pat has the team taking a receiver in this case it is Darrius Heyward-Bey. But the best scenario would be to trade down recoup the second rounder that was part of the trade for TE Kellen Winslow and get a receiver in the second round with such a deep class this season or take one in the first and get the edeg rusher in the second.

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