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Pass rushers on day two

With the team needing to find a way to apply pressure this coming season, here is a list of four second day pass rushers to keep an eye out for. While they are not the big named players. Finding gritty edge rushers could be a gold mine this coming April.

Pierre Walters, of Eastern Illinois is 6’4, 270 pounds has played in 49 games with 15 sacks, 39 tackles for loss, 14 QB hurries, 7 forced fumbles and 5 passes defensed. With a forty of 4.69.

Brandon Swain, of West Texas A&M is 6’3, 260 pounds, has played in25 games as a JUCO transfer with 18.5 sacks & 32.5 tackles for loss. With a forty of 4.67.

Marcus Benard, of Jackson State is 6’4 270 pounds, has played in 24 games as a JUCO transfer with 23.5 sacks, 34 tackles for loss, 11 QB hurries, 2 forced fumbles & 1 pass defensed. With a forty of 4.77.

Jameson Hartke, of Ohio is 6’4 265 pounds, has played in 49 games with 17.5 sacks, 31 tackles for loss, 8 QB hurries & 9 passes defensed. Witha  forty of 4.78.

Sure, everyone likes a player they have heard of come draft day, the bottom line is getting production. The problem is first the Bucs could get a very compairable player in the second day with one of the above mentioned four as it would get with picking a player like Larry English with the 19th pick.

With three seventh rounders this draft, why not gamble on a player that has a low risk high reward value rather then a high risk value?

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