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QB coach Greg Olson gets up close look at Freeman

Gil Brandt, of NFL.com, is reporting Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks coach Greg Olson attended Kansas State’s Pro Day to watch QB prospect Josh Freeman. Most reports that have surfaced said Freeman looked decent during the workout, but there are still questions that remain. Many scouts have gone back and watched tape of Freeman to get a better idea on whether or not it was short comings from his play or coaching and or a lack of supporting cast that has scouts second guessing themselves in regards to their initial feelings on the big strong armed QB.

With the Bucs not having a second rounder and Freeman climbing most draft boards there a huge chance that either the Bears or the Jets who pick ahead of the Bucs could take a gamble on Freeman.

While ti could also be nothing but a smoke screen by the Bucs to vault Freeman up draft boards to have another player slide to them in the first, the team is still short one quarterback to take to camp.

While such a young group of signal callers on the roster, would indeed lead to a  sink or swim atmosphere for Luke McCown. The trio of McCown, Josh Johnson and Josh Freeman should result in the team finding atleast one player for the future of the franchise or striking lighting in a bottle and finding more then one solid starter in which they could then turn around and trade one for multiple picks.

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