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Breaking Down Missed Tackles

After reading Sam Monson’s “Tackle Inefficiency Rating” on Profootballfocus.com it got me to thinking, which sometimes can lead to some hair brain ideas and self debating. Monson, however has devised a formula to grade each individual defensive player’s ability at making solo tackles using a simple mathematical equation. Even though tackles are tracked by the league, they are not an official stat. Which is why there is such a widespread discrepancy from team to team and stats you see posted on NFL.com, ESPN.com and other news outlets compared to what each actual team tracks.

But more importantly judging missed tackles is nothing more then mere subjective speculation depending on the actual scheme, angle and assignments of each individual defensive player.  When you factor in all the dynamics on the field and add to it that each statistician grades plays differently you are left with a conundrum to figure out. Basing an opinion solely on stats seems pointless at times without film footage or concrete knowledge of a player’s responsibility within a said scheme.

Using the formula: (Number of Missed Tackles/[Number of Missed Tackles + Number of Solo Tackles]) x 100 = TIR.

We broke down each of the 32 league teams TIR. The first table below is that of just Tampa Bay Buccaneers players from the 2009 season with Sean Jones added to the individual player list.

Tackling Inefficiency Rating
A quick break down of the formula that Profoobtall Focus is using:
(Number of Missed Tackles/[Number of Missed Tackles + Number of Solo Tackles]) x 100 = TIR
Another reminder that these stats are not to say who is the best or the poorest tacklers in the NFL, it is just to show what happened when an individual player attempted a tackle -- how efficient they were in getting their man to the ground once they attempted a solo tackle.
 LB Niko Koutouvides00#DIV/0!
 DB Corey Lynch1150.00
 DB Jermaine Phillips8433.33
 DB Sabby Piscitelli652023.53
 DB Tanard Jackson571722.97
 DL Chris Hovan22621.43
 DB Will Allen12320.00
 DB Ronde Barber721618.18
 LB Geno Hayes851817.48
 DB Elbert Mack21312.50
 LB Matt McCoy8111.11
 DB Aqib Talib54610.00
 DB Torrie Cox9110.00
 LB Quincy Black5869.38
 LB Adam Hayward1317.14
 LB Barrett Ruud10986.84
 DL Jimmy Wilkerson2826.67
 DL Tim Crowder3126.06
 DL Ryan Sims2214.35
 DL Stylez G. White2300.00
 DL Roy Miller2700.00
 DL Gaines Adams700.00
 DL Kyle Moore900.00
 DL Michael Bennett300.00
 DL Dre Moore300.00
 DB Derrick Roberson200.00
 DBSean Jones34717.07

The second table is a breakdown by team, of each teams “Tackle Inefficiency Rating” its not surprising to see the Bucs were one of worst as everyone saw with their own eyes bunches of missed tackle in every game. But what was startling to see was that both of the Superbowl participants from last season were ranked in in the top ten worst tackling teams, furthermore eight of the twelve playoff teams from 2009 were ranked in the top 15 worst tackling teams in the NFL.

The Rams one of the  worst team in the league and the team that holds the number one overall draft pick in this Aprils draft was actually the best team in terms of “Tackle Inefficiency Rating”.

1 Detroit Lions73212814.88
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers74911613.41
3 New Orleans Saints70710212.61
4 Minnesota Vikings6418912.19
5 Philadelphia Eagles6979511.99
6 N.Y. Giants6568511.47
7 Indianapolis Colts7839911.22
8 Jacksonville Jaguars7299111.10
9 Kansas City Chiefs7529110.79
10 N.Y. Jets6287510.67
11 San Diego Chargers6828110.62
12 Tennessee Titans7228410.42
13 New England Patriots6337310.34
14 Washington Redskins6958010.32
15 Cincinnati Bengals6577510.25
16 Carolina Panthers7018010.24
17 Houston Texans6667510.12
18 Arizona Cardinals6877710.08
19 Denver Broncos691769.91
20 Pittsburgh Steelers636699.79
21 Green Bay Packers604659.72
22 Oakland Raiders721779.65
23 Miami Dolphins645679.41
24 Seattle Seahawks734759.27
25 Atlanta Falcons706729.25
26 Dallas Cowboys657679.25
27 Cleveland Browns747749.01
28 Buffalo Bills750748.98
29 Chicago Bears737728.90
30 Baltimore Ravens697648.41
31 San Francisco 49ers709658.40
32 St. Louis Rams730617.71
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