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Bucs Fall Back To Earth Pass Rushing Wise

Against the Kansas City Chiefs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to get pressure 77% of the time the Chiefs quarterbacks dropped back to attempt a pass. With a total of 17 pressures (6 sacks, 8 hurries and 3 quarterback hits) on 22 pass attempts. The defense managed to dictate the game up front and change the LOS as they were able to get pressure once every 1.29 attempts.

As we predicted the Bucs would face a far tougher challenge going against the New England Patriots offensive line, who gave up zero sacks in their first pre-season contest.

Well after reviewing the numbers there’s still reason for hope out of the revamped and still growing defense. The Patriots signal callers attempted 39 passes including sacks. Out of those 39 attempts the Bucs managed to get 10 pressures (2 sacks, 4 pressures and 4 quarterback hits) good for pressure 25% of the time on Patriots quarterbacks. Of course not near as good as the team managed against the Chiefs. But considering they were facing one of the games elite’s in Tom Brady and a well versed offensive line they were still able to manage pressure once every 3.9 attempts.

For the pre-season the Bucs have 27 pressures (8 sacks, 12 pressures and 7 quarterback hits) on 61 total pass attempts from opposing offenses. Giving them a pressure percentage of 44%, meaning the defense have gotten to quarterback’s 44% of the time they dropped back to pass or once every 2.25 attempts.

Here is the list of defensive players who have gotten pressure;

Dekoda Watson 1.5 sacks, 1 QBP & 2 QH
Kyle Moore 2 sacks & 2 QH
George Johnson 2 sacks & 2 QH
Tim Crowder 1 sack & 1 QH
Anthony Gaitor 1 sack & 1 QH
Michael Bennett 1/2 sack
Frank Okam 2 QBP & 1 QH
Mason Foster 1 QBP & 1 QH
Adrian Clayborn 2 QBP
Gerald McCoy 2 QBP
Derrell Smith 1 QBP

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