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Play By Play Data Extrapolation: Week 13

Dirk Koetter utilized two or more tight ends on 21 of 59 plays, good for 36% of the time against the Chargers. Used an extra offensive lineman on 10 of 59 plays.  Of late Jameis Winston has been finding success in the passing game out of 12 personnel (1RB, 2TE, 1 WR) – against the Chargers he threw out of the formation 8 of 12 times for 84 yards. On the season the Bucs have aligned in 12 personnel 172 times, and threw 72 times gaining 646 yard through the air. It’s the third most favorite personnel grouping on the season and is the second most productive when it comes to gaining yards, with 946.

On defense the team blitzed the Chargers and Phillip Rivers 9 out of 31 drop backs, making it the second highest, from a percentage standpoint the team has blitzed all season.

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