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Play By Play Data Extrapolation: Week 14

The Bucs offensively approached the game against the Saints, running a balanced offensive attack with 30 runs to 31 passing situations. They continue to increase the total number of plays per game they are utilizing 12 personnel (1RB, 2TE 2WR). There was another wrinkle introduced by Koetter, with the use of WR Josh Huff – the Pistol formation, where the QB lines up 4 yards behind center, in shotgun rather than the traditional 5-7 yards. They also incorporated an RPO (Run/Pass Option) out of the pistol.

Defensively the Bucs decided to play coverage against Brees and company only sending 5 or more rushers twice. The secondary is playing mostly Cover 1 or a variation of Cover 3 – The defensive back is only dropping to play man coverage if the receiver takes off vertically. If the receivers cross though, they drop to play a zone, meaning their eyes are in the backfield.

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