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Yards Per Target: Cornerback Stat

Many gauge the success of a cornerback in the NFL on whether or not he shut’s down an opposing receiver or has gaudy interception stats. But delving deeper and pealing back the layers reveals other more riveting stats that are not commonly referenced by the main stream media. Such as Yards Per Target. A stat derived from taking the times a corner was targeted and dividing it by the number of yards said corner allowed. This gives us a metric to further judge just how many yards cornerbacks give up on average per each time he’s targeted by an opposing offense.

While not earth shattering, it does give fans another tool with which one can gauge the success of cornerbacks.

Many would expect to see Aqib Talib in the top half of the league, but due to his gambler’s type mentality he will routinely be slotted near the bottom half of the league in such a metric. Talib checked in with a ranking of 77th out of 100. One player who filled in admirably for Talib last season was EJ Biggers who managed to turn in a stellar performance as he was targeted 81 times, allowed 550-yards and a yards per target average of 6.79, good for 34th in the NFL.

The Bucs elder statesmen Ronde Barber was targeted 10 fewer times than Biggers and managed to allow 450-yards and a yards per target average of 6.34, good for 15th in the NFL.

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  • Erik Sabol July 18, 2011, 8:47 am

    God, Nnamdi is amazing. 13 receptions for 185 yards and 0 touchdowns over 16 games. And look at his teammate, Chris Johnson.

    How did anyone pass against the Raiders?

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