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Questions Plentiful For Week 5

Things that make you go hmm?

Things that make you go hmm?

Despite the likelihood that the Bucs are heading into an almost certain loss in Week 5 against the vaunted Philadelphia Eagles, we here at BucsCentral have come up with a few questions that we are excited to see the answers to this Sunday. Hey, we’ve got find some reasons to watch the games right? Other then just becuase we are fanatical fans of a team that’s taking it’s lumps this season.

Question #1  Will Tanard Jackson’s return improve the secondary?

Perhaps the better question here will be who gets the start opposite of Jackson, Piscitelli or Allen? Piscitelli is still making monumental mistakes out there, but Allen seems to be playing rather well, although not spectacular. I think everyone was encouraged by Aqib Talib’s three interceptions last week, but realized he still has a way to go when he got absolutely smoked by Santana Moss’ double move.

Question #2  Can Gaines Adams show up two weeks in a row?

Although many fans have been saying Adams pulled a disappearing act late in the game on Sunday, it was pretty apparent to me that Washington made some necessary adjustments for him. His stat line was outstanding. One sack, one fumble recovery, one pass deflected, two tackles for a loss, and five total tackles. If he could put that up every week we would have a pro bowl DE. Did anyone else dream of having a defensive end like Minnesota’s Jared Allen after Monday night’s game?

Question #3   Will Josh Johnson show noticeable improvement in his 2nd start?

Aside from taking advantage of the great field position from the fumble at the beginning of the game, J.J. had a pretty rough day. He definitely had that “deer in the headlights” look that we hear about so often from inexperienced QBs. Will the game slow down for him this week? In my opinion he was going through his progressions way too quickly vs. Washington. He seemed to have a fairly acute case “Jeff Garcia Disease”. His speed is amazing though. I can remember one play where he split two tacklers that reminded me of Michael Vick in his prime. Not all of it is his fault though, a lot of it lies with the O.C. Greg Olson, which brings us to the next question…

Question #4  Will we finally commit to the run like Morris says we are going to do every week, and if we do, can Olson get his head out of his ass and stick with the play action?

Okay, with the exception of the NYG game, we have been running the ball pretty well this year. Cadillac has been spectacular, Ward has been serviceable, and Graham has been on the bench. On a side note, please replace Clifton Smith (aka butter hands) as our two minute back Raheem. This offensive line is built to run the ball. I understand Faine is out, and that sometimes we are playing from behind but this is ridiculous. Last week, in Johnson’s first start we passed the ball 57% of the time, and why in the heck are we running a shotgun on 3rd and short all day long? The playaction was working great early in the game, and I have no idea why we moved away from it. Your job isn’t to be as creative as possible Olson, it’s to score points. Stick with your bread and butter or you will be joining Bates in the unemployment line come January.

Well, these five questions are about the only reasons I can come up with to watch the game on Sunday, that and hoping that one of our LBers can crack McNabb’s rib again. I think everyone has pretty much chalked this one up as a loss, but you just never know. Wouldn’t a victory on Sunday be great? I don’t know if it would salvage our season, but it would at least inspire some hope.  I at least hope we can show some signs of improvement, because I truly believe we can beat Carolina in Week 6. If you have any questions you are looking forward to seeing answered, be sure to post them below.

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