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A couple things this week: first the Bucs used 10 personnel (1RB, 0TE, 4WR) for the first time running the personnel package twice, both times passing out of the formation – neither pass attempt was completed. On defense the team used 5-3-3 (5DL, 3LB, 3DB) – during a goal-line play, they were unable to stop the play – resulting in a one-yard touchdown run by the Broncos.

Daryl Smith was pressed into duty on multiple occasions as a defensive end – lining up at both left and right defensive end after Noah Spence went down with a shoulder injury.


Through the first quarter of games, Jameis Winston is averaging 44.5 pass attempts per game. He has completed 68% of his passes when targeting the left side of the field. Conversely when he attempts a pass to the right side of the field he completes 52% of his passes or 16% less than when attempting passes to the left.

On passes traveling 21 plus yards through the air – Winston has completed 31% of his 16 attempts, for three touchdowns, three interceptions, and three Defensive Pass Interference (DPI) penalties. When under pressure Winston has completed 19 of 39 passes for a completion percentage of 49%.

On 3rd down, Winston is 22 of 40 good for a completion percentage of 55%.

Below you will find Winston’s accuracy chart for his week four match-up against the Denver Broncos and his cumulative accuracy chart.

I know it’s late! But better, than not doing it at all. Below you will find the Play-By-Play extrapolation for Week 3. In the spreadsheet below, you will find both the “Analysing Koetter” and “Smith Report” an inside look at the numbers from both an offensive and defensive perspective, along with the actual play-by-play data.

Emotionless, lackluster, uninspiring and heartless for the most part describes, the players on this team! There is a disease coursing through the veins of some. It’s, as though some are afraid of success or do not know how to embrace expectations. it’s as though, most if not, the majority of players are in an enigmatic state of flux as they internally struggle with their own selves on how to compete and impose their will on opposing teams.

They cower –going into a shell-shocked state the instant, they are faced with the slightest hint of adversity.

There is no dog in any of these damn players!

And, for the record Vincent Jackson is sulking because he is not the number one, number two or even number three option in this offense. Based strictly on who is being fed the football the team has been phasing Jackson out as he is in the twilight of his career – carrying a $12 million dollar cap charge this season. Jackson has allowed his concision and ego to play out in a similar fashion to that of Keyshawn Johnson, its time to cut bait and allow players who are hungry and playing for a future in this league to compete.

Jameis Winston, against the Arizona Cardinals was harassed for much of the day! The Cardinals defense sent 5 or more rushers at Winston on 48% of his dropbacks. A trend that is sure to continue throughout the remainder of the teams games, until Winston shows a  consistency to beat pressure. Another alarming trend, that seems to be highlighted through the first two games this season, is Dirk Koetters play calling on first down and Winston’s gunslinger mentality to go for broke and force the deep ball.

Below is Winston’s cumulative accuracy chart for the season. Note Winston, when under pressure is 9 of 21 – good for a completion percentage of 42.8%.


Jameis Winston was efficient versus the Atlanta Falcons, spreading the ball around to eight different receivers. Winston was pressured on 7 attempts. He had one pass dropped, which was at the 59-second mark remaining in the 3rd quarter by Vincent Jackson. Winston was 5 of 8 on third down passing. The chart below depicts the distance the football traveled in the air, not total yardage on a pass play.


Jameis Winston was on the cusp of breaking franchise records! The last time a Buccaneers, starting quarterback passed for over 280-yards and four touchdowns in an opening season game was Steve Deberg, against the Atlanta Falcons, in the 1987 season opener. Deberg carved up the Falcons defense to the tune of  333 yards on 24 of 34 passing, hurling five touchdowns and one interception in a 48 to 10 drubbing of the Falcons. Deberg finished the game with a quarterback rating of  129.

Winston for the day, started somewhat cold – overthrowing Adam Humphries and Mike Evans for would be touchdowns. Winston was able to get into a rhythm and finished the game with 281 yards passing on 23 of 33 with four touchdowns and one interception and a quarterback rating of 122.1.

While there have been two other opening season games where the Buccaneers have passed for over 280-yards, both ended in the team losing the contest.

The first being a 1982 game against the Minnesota Vikings, where Doug Williams threw for 290-yards on 21 of 38 passing for one touchdown and three interceptions and finished the game with a quarterback rating of 55.8. The second being a the opening day game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1988, where Vinny Testaverde threw for 324-yards on 21 of 45 passing with two touchdowns and five interceptions with a 46.2 quarterback rating.

Similar to Michael Jordan and Dean Smith, when Jordan was at North Carolina – the only person that was capable of keeping Winston out of the scoring column on Sunday was Dirk Koetter.

As I typed on twitter, shortly after hearing the news, that the Buccaneers had decided to fire head coach Lovie Smith; Holding out hope GM Jason Licht’s first head coaching hire declares war on the NFL!  – like most fans, I live and die with the ebb and flow of the Bucs, through the highs and lows of each game, during Sunday’s in the fall.

I am no different than other fanatical fans, I take my fandom to new heights. A long-suffering fan of a team the was aptly nicknamed the “Yucks”  for their horrendous starts of 0-26!!

The euphoric feeling you get when you wake up Sunday morning looking for a win and go to bed Sunday night knowing the team you pour your heart and soul into secures a victory – there’s nothing sweeter!

However far too often, it’s like I‘m in an abusive relationship with the Bucs! Mentally exhausted from years of subpar performances.

But like the Cubs! There is always next year.

Well, why not the Bucs!

Anything is possible and with the team finally having a glimmer of hope, that they have found – developing a true “Franchise” caliber quarterback, in Jameis Winston. Why not this year! Why not the playoffs.

All-round good guy and purveyor of Buccaneer thoughts, Gene Thomas, AKA “Superhvyweight”, of Buc What Ya Heard! was joined by the Michael Pless and Mark Ramirez, the patriarchs of RealBucsTalk. The trio break down the Buccaneers, upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons. Discussing the strength of the team; offensive line and what they expect to transpire in the season opener. The threesome feel, the keys to victory revolve around the Bucs offensive line and their ability to create lanes in the running game.

In somewhat of an expected move, to bolster the teams’ depth, at receiver. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and free agent receiver Cecil Shorts have agreed to terms on a contract. The addition of Shorts, gives the team an experienced veteran option, should newly anointed slot receiver, Adam Humphries not fulfill the hype. Terms on the contract are not yet known. The signing, reunites Shorts, with Dirk Koetter, his former offensive coordinator when Shorts was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Shorts, 28 played for the Houston Texans, in 2015, after inking a two-year $6 million dollar deal. Shorts has amassed 218 receptions on 425 targets, for 2,887 yards and 14 touchdowns. He has a career catch rate of  51%.

Shorts has battled injuries throughout his short career, but when healthy is a viable number three receiving option and spot starter.

Shorts’ familiarity with Koetter’s playbook, no doubt played a role in the team’s decision to sign him.  Shorts will undoubtedly have a minimal role through the first few weeks of the season as he digests the playbook and builds chemistry with Jameis Winston.

Shorts represents another solid signing by Jason Licht, on the eve of the regular season, last year Licht and company benefited from the addition of Joe Hawley and Gosder Cherilus, on the eve of the teams 2015 season opener.

Per multiple reports the Buccaneers are scheduled to work out two receivers, today at One Buc Place. One being recently released Houston Texan Cecil Shorts and the other being former Indianapolis Colts wide out Mekale McKay. It’s telling – as the front office continues to bring in additional candidates to kick the tires on potential practice squad and 53-man roster candidates, at the receiver position. That they are not as comfortable as they have led the media and fans to believe, they are with their current receiving corps, as they continue to look to bolster their depth, at the position.

Shorts, was originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, in the 4th round of the 2011 NFL Draft, during Dirk Koetter’s last season as the Jaguars Offensive Coordinator – Koetter has some familiarity with Shorts and vice versa, as Shorts has limited knowledge of Koetter’s playbook. Shorts who hauled in  42 receptions on 75 targets for 484 yard and 2 touchdowns with the Texans last season, became a cap casualty after agreeing to restructure his two-year $6 million dollar deal he signed with the Texans in 2015.

If your a fanatical fan, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I highly recommend you give Gene “Superhvyweight” Thomas a follow on youtube.com.  He’s a well reasoned voice, grounded in his football fandom, in a sea of whimsical fans.  Gene gives thorough breakdowns of the team – calls it like he sees it. In the video below Thomas, of Buc What Ya Heard!!!! and Michael Pless, of RealBucsTalk breakdown the Bucs. I highly recommend you giving both a follow.