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Dirk Koetter

The Buccaneers did not have an answer from a  defensive perspective against the Saints. From the opening whistle, the Saints had the defense playing on their heels. Opting for heavy packages – and throwing out of them regaualrily… Read More

Throwing to the right has been an issue this season, for Jameis Winston; however, versus the New Orleans Saints, Winston connected on 9 of 12 – a  75% completion rate. On the season Winston completes passes on a  50% clip to the right. Versus the Saints Winston attempted   16 passes of 11+ yards through the… Read More

The Buccaneers, on offense, ran four different personnel packages against the Dallas Cowboys.  One of the more concerning aspects of the offense this season is their inability to execute consistently – as each one of the 11-ppalyers on the field taking turns with their execution during plays -which his stymied the offense and has really… Read More

Jamies Winston, whom we’ve highlight has struggled on third down recently, had his worst performance, of the season against the Dallas Cowboys, on third down; Winston went 3 of 11 with 1 TD and 1 INT – completed 27% of his attempts. On the season he has completed 74 of 126 attempts, good for a… Read More

The Bucs offensively approached the game against the Saints, running a balanced offensive attack with 30 runs to 31 passing situations. They continue to increase the total number of plays per game they are utilizing 12 personnel (1RB, 2TE 2WR). There was another wrinkle introduced by Koetter, with the use of WR Josh Huff –… Read More

Dirk Koetter utilized two or more tight ends on 21 of 59 plays, good for 36% of the time against the Chargers. Used an extra offensive lineman on 10 of 59 plays.  Of late Jameis Winston has been finding success in the passing game out of 12 personnel (1RB, 2TE, 1 WR) – against the… Read More

Jameis Winston has been a  model of consistency, since the bye week – over the past four games he has demonstrated tremendous growth – all wins! His performance against the Chargers was not statically dominating  in any passing category, however, he  has settled into a  groove as an on the cusp elite caliber signal caller… Read More

Virtually, a mistake free game orchestrated by Jameis Winston, against the Seahawks; albeit with the exception of one throw late in the fourth quarter where he threw into double coverage to Mike Evans, resulting in an interception.   It’s remarkable the consistency in which Winston is playing with since the teams by week. He is averaging… Read More

Jameis Winston was the catalyst for the Bucs against  a stingy Kansas City Chiefs defense. Spraying the football all over the field – Winston had, his, shall I say defining moment as an NFL quarterback. I know some will argue that his game  as a  rookie against the Philadelphia Eagles, was that game. However  it… Read More

Jameis Winston had a very productive day throwing to the right sideline versus the Bears; completing 8 of 8 attempts and one touchdown. He was 6 of 8 on third down passes. He was 3 of 5 in the redzone with one touchdown. Since the bye week, Winston has completed 83 of 132 attempts good… Read More

It’s clear the Buccaneers, thought the best approach was to attack the Falcons defense via 11 personnel (1RB, 1TE, 3WR) – as they ran the personnel grouping 62 out of 70 plays. I know many fans are wondering why Mike Smith does not blitz more…well he blitzed the Falcons nearly once out of every four… Read More

Jameis Winston had his best first half of the season completing 13 of 19 attempts and 2 touchdowns. He also had two drops by eligible receivers.  On the first sack it’s clear that Winston and the running back were not in  sync and screwed the play up at the mesh point. The second sack, Winston… Read More

Not much in the way of analysis, with a game being played tonight! And, like the coaching staff, no reason to mention or look closer at the debacle at Raymond James, from either an offensive or defensive perspective.  Bottom line the team failed miserably in all facets of the game against the Oakland Raiders… Read More

The offense was balanced versus the CarolinaPanthers, in week 5; 34 runs to 35 pass attempts. The game plan was to emphases the run, with 9 runs to starts a drive. The Bucs ran behind 6 offensive linemen, 15 times and utilized two tight ends sets 36 times. They decided to forgo the use of… Read More

Over the past two games – the Buccaneers, or more realistically Dirk Koetter has been limiting the number of passing attempts, Jameis Winston takes during the course of a  game. Down from nearly 45 attempts a game to  a season-low of 30 versus the Carolina Panthers. The Bucs decided to emphasize the run, with 6… Read More