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Lockout Finally Ends, Bucs Bombard Twitter

by Blake Hasenzahl on July 25, 2011

The moment that all NFL fans have been waiting four months for, finally happened! The announcement of a new CBA between the NFL and NFLPA* drove  players for the Bucs to Twitter to show their enthusiasm. “Lockout is over bak to work praise the Lord!!!!” Bucs safety Larry Asante said, Da’Quan Bowers conveyed the same […]

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James Lee Talks Football, Charity.

by Blake Hasenzahl on July 19, 2011

We all love to see LeGarrette Blount hurdle defenders, Mike Williams leap over the entire secondary and watch Josh Freeman’s air attack. However, none of that is possible without a solid front. When Jeremy Trueblood went down in week seven, third year player James Lee stepped in at right tackle — and never stepped out. […]

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Jimmie Giles Joins Elite Company

by Blake Hasenzahl on July 13, 2011

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers introduced a new member to the team’s Ring of Honor this morning with the inception of tight end Jimmie Giles. Giles, 56, was the Bucs’ only aerial offensive force when they made their first deep run in the playoffs, falling in the 1979 NFC title game. The Bucs are building the […]

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Football, Humor & Women

by Jim Johnson on August 13, 2009

If you are a single guy and know – understand football, but have been having troubles with the ladies Andy Benoit, of NFL has devised a humorous way to translate, what you know about football into scouting out potential future women in your life. With what he has coined as the FODAFST ( The […]