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You be the judge: Rebuilding or Reloading

by Jim Johnson on May 25, 2009

Exciting, riveting, challenging & emotional season ahead for Buccaneer faithful. With the team a sparse shadow of the squad that took the field in 2008, they are officially in rebuilding mode. Even though some within the organization refuse to utter the word rebuild and would prefer to use the term “reload” it has become apparent […]

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Bucs Bates excited to see what he has

by Jim Johnson on May 22, 2009

If you are curious as to just how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense will preform in 2009, you are not alone new defensive coordinator Jim Bates is pondering the same exact thing as the rest of us fanatics. “I can’t wait to find out,” said Bates, the Bucs’ defensive coordinator. “Right now, it’s hard to […]

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What to expect, from a Bates lead defense

by Jim Johnson on May 3, 2009

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Jim Bates defense might look eerily familiar to some long time football fans, as it is basically the old Jimmy Johnson lead Dallas Cowboy’s defense of the early 1990’s that won three Superbowls. The essence of Bates philosophy is speed, speed and more speed. He wants waves of penetrating […]

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Dominik – Has a clear plan

by Jim Johnson on February 25, 2009

After reviewing the current actions of new General Manager Mark Domink and Head Coach Raheem Morris it is very clear the team is “rebuilding” even though Dminik doesn’t like to use the word an prefers the word “reloading” either way a message was sent loud an clear today that the team is basically starting from […]

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Behind the numbers of Ryan Sims contract

by Jim Johnson on February 24, 2009

According to Scott Reynolds, of, Ryan Sims new 4-year contract will pay the defensive tackle $8 million over the length of the contract. Sims received $1.25 million in signing bonus money along with roster bonuses totaling $2 million to forgo the chance to test the open market. The contract averages roughly $2 million per […]