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Jon Gruden

The Buccaneers set a new standard for losing last Sunday, tying the franchise record for largest margin of defeat.  It was a soul-shattering loss for the young Bucs, a confidence shaking defeat at the hands of a team who had no business delivering it — a loss so thoroughly devastating, it threatens to derail the […]

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“Filthy Five” – 5 Best Rookie Seasons in Bucs History

by Erik Sabol on October 5, 2011

Rookies thrive in Tampa Bay.  But the unfortunate reality is, sometimes sophomores don’t. For years, Buc fans have been taunted with lustrous rookie campaigns — David Greenwood‘s 1985, Errict Rhett‘s 1994, Arron Sears‘s 2007 — only to watch promising careers dissolve in the following seasons, be it by injury, apathy, or general misfortune. Here are the […]

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“Attitude Reflects Leadership”

by Staff Report on May 24, 2010

I‘m sitting here this morning, drinking an ice cold Dr. Pepper, and watching “Remember the Titans” on my laptop. Two of the featured characters are having a heated argument over attitude and leadership. Gary accuses Julius of having the “worst attitude I ever heard,” Julius responds with “Attitude reflects leadership, Captain. … To me, the […]

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As season approaches this fan feels perplexed

by Lee C on September 10, 2009

Three More Days. Such a short time that somehow manages to feel like forever. Like many Buc’s fans out there I have watched with a mixture of fascination, and sometimes disgust, as the Tampa Bay front office has literally flipped this franchise upside down in the offseason. From the firing of Gruden, to the hiring of […]

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Down goes Morris!

by Jim Johnson on September 9, 2009

OK, I know it’s a play on words, in what was HBO Boxing’s first broadcast; the call was made by iconic sports broadcaster Howard Cosell for what became known as The Sunshine Showdown between Joe Fraizer and George Foreman for the Heavyweight Championship in Kingston, Jamaica on January 19th, 1973. The words Cosell uttered then […]

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Six Burning Camp Questions?

by Jim Johnson on July 27, 2009

With the Buccaneers five days from there first training camp practice, to kick off the 2009 season. There are six burning camp questions that desperately need answering before the home opener, although many might not have a definitive answer until after the season is over. Who will be the starting quarterback once the dust settles […]

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Unpredictability looks predictable for Morris

by Jim Johnson on July 24, 2009

It’s not as unforeseeable as some predict for first year head coach Raheem Morris, to actually duplicate the success the Buccaneers have had the last few seasons if not better it within a very short time period. When looking over the NFC teams currently in the south since the coaching hire’s of John Fox, Jim […]

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Bucs set to have fewer two-a-days

by Jim Johnson on July 3, 2009

New head coach Raheem Morris‘ first training camp wont feature as many two-a-days as years past, the team is currently scheduled to have 8 two-a-days out of the 19 days, but Morris is hoping that dawning the pads more, will lead to a more physical, energetic camp. Under the guidance of former head coach Jon Gruden, […]

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Dominik scrutinized for off-season approach

by Jim Johnson on July 2, 2009

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik is being so heavily scrutinized for his off-season moves by not only the local venom spewing fish wrap scribes, but now it seems that former NFL players have taken exception with what Dominik has done this off-season to rebuild meant to say retool or reload as Dominik prefers […]

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Two coaches make the top 100 greatest coaches list

by Jim Johnson on May 29, 2009

Over at the blog Chase Stuart has come up with a weighted measuring scale to figure out who is / was some the greatest coaches of all time using there win / loss records and giving them a number value based on the number of net wins in a season. There are two prominent […]

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Tuesday: Buccaneer News & Notes

by Jim Johnson on May 19, 2009

As we reported yesterday, middle linebacker Barrett Ruud’s absence from OTA’s has been about his contract situation, it has know been confirmed by multiple media outlets. There seems to be some bad blood brewing between ESPN & the NFL Network, over some back dooring in recent weeks over ex-coaches becoming color commentators for either station. […]

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Gruden suggest a defensive draft for former team

by Jim Johnson on April 21, 2009

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden weighs in on what his former team should draft this Saturday. Not much of a surprise, Gruden feels it should be a defensive minded draft. Siting the team needs a defensive end, defensive tackle & cornerback. “I really think Tampa Bay lost some key players on defense […]

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Gruden offered Offensive Coordinator gig

by Jim Johnson on April 10, 2009

Ex Buccaneers Head Coach Jon Gruden has been offered the offensive coordinator gig at University of Oregon. Head Football coach of Oregon, Chip Kelly revealed to the, that he has only offered that gig to one person, and that person is Jon Gruden. Speculation was that Kelly was going to offer former UNH quarterback […]