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Josh Johnson

THE GOOD Josh Johnson exists somewhere in that gray area between first and second string.  He struggled as a starter in 2009—throwing to Michael Clayton and a gimpy Antonio Bryant—and didn’t do much to dissuade Josh Freeman’s ascendancy, but in the preseason, he’s been an athletic, reckless, yardage-eating dynamo.  The Chiefs didn’t have an answer… Read More

Rookie MLB Mason Foster continues to see his reps with the first team defense increase – in this morning’s walkthrough to prepare for tonight’s practice, at Raymond James Stadium Foster was running with the first team defense and barking out adjustments and audibles. DT Gerald McCoy who suffered a strained right rotator cuff injury, in… Read More

Thus far through the off-season there has been plenty of interesting twist and turns with regards to players positioning themselves in reserve roles. Most notably at the quarterback position for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where offensive coordinator Greg Olson proclaimed that third year pro Josh Johnson was on equal footing with undrafted rookie free agent… Read More

Currently Jevan Snead sits at the bottom of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers depth chart. Blessed with prototypical size and a live arm. He came under scrutiny during the pre-draft process, for a perceived lack of competitiveness. The scuttle steams from his exiting the University of Texas football program rather then battle Colt McCoy. After transferring… Read More

It looks as though the Rams have a plan B in place just in case that can’t wrangle one of the Eagles quarterbacks away from Philadelphia in a trade. The alternative involves a potential blockbuster trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reports Chris Steuber of Scout.com. The trade would involve the Bucs trading the third… Read More

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 season over, there has been wide spread sweeping rumors floating around the web with regards to several players that saw significant playing time. The way the team played as a whole, changes are diffidently needed on both offense and defense. But the bigger question is will General manager Mark… Read More

Many will look at second year quarterback Josh Johnson’s stats and beg Raheem Morris to yank the young signal caller for first rounder Josh Freeman. What many are not willing to realize, is that if Freeman gave the Bucs a better chance at winning on game days then Johnson, he would have already been inserted… Read More

In a disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins that featured the Buccaneers winning the turnover battle, but still falling short to end the teams seven game losing streak. Head coach Raheem Morris felt pity for his team for all of a  second or two, before reversing his opening statement from one that was somber, too… Read More

Early this week, head coach Raheem Morris promoted second-year quarterback Josh Johnson to start in place of Byron Leftwich, now third on the depth chart. With all the offseason banter about quarterback competition and the first-round selection of Josh Freeman, Johnson has gone practically unnoticed. This Sunday, he cannot help being noticed. So, who is… Read More

This Past Week In Review

Let me preface this by apologizing to the 1 or 2 readers of this site, for the lack of coverage this past week. While being sick and traveling throughout Iraq (you know, my real job) is not an excuse for not bringing you, the loyal readers, the latest happenings surrounding the team that you root… Read More

According to ESPN, head coach Raheem Morris has decided to promote 2nd year QB Josh Johnson as the starter in Week 4 vs. Washington. Former starter Byron Leftwich has actually been moved all the way down to 3rd string, as rookie Josh Freeman will be backing up Johnson. Johnson came in midway through the 4th… Read More

It’s ugly. There’s no argument and there’s no way around it. And since a tough schedule suggests it’s only going to get uglier, there’s only one way to absolve the catastrophe that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under center. You guessed it: Human sacrifice. It’s time for change. It’s time for the future of the franchise… Read More

After jaunting 43-yards, on a busted play Saturday night against the Tennessee Titans second year quarterback Josh Johnson is not interested in the “WILDCAT” It would seem, Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune was thinking the same thing as everyone else who saw the game of ways quarterback Josh Johnson could remain on the team… Read More

From my perspective of all four quarterbacks, Josh Johnson has the quickest release of any of them, steps up in the pocket and delivers the football with accuracy. He did not get rattled when things broke down or when he was hurried, even with the bobbled shotgun snap he maintained his composure and instead of… Read More