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Salary Cap

The belief that structuring a new CBA in such a way that teams would be required to spend actual cash in a given year instead of manipulated salary numbers as a means to reach a threshold, in this case the salary cap floor, has been repeatedly reported as 89% in actual cash payouts, does not… Read More

With differing reports as to exactly how much money the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently have in available cap space as of today’s date. it would appear that reports were premature in nature when they eluded to the fact the team had an estimated $30 million plus in available cap space. Based on my understanding of… Read More

Message boards are on fire over the lack of movement on a long term contract extension for arguably the best defensive player on the Buccaneers roster, Barrett Ruud. While many fans & pundits agree Ruud should be able to thrive in just about any situation, Ruud’s success is directly connected this coming season with the… Read More

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik, responds too the committed cash report that was recently blogged by Jason La Canfora, of NFL.com. Dominik, who spoke with Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune to clear the air on the perceived notion that the Bucs are cheap, when it comes to spending big time money on… Read More

There has been alot of public speculation swirling around the Tampa area that the Glazer’s are broke due to the debt incurred with owning Manchester United. Now Jason La Canfora, NFL.com blogger was able to get a look at some NFL Management Council figures on “committed cash,” which is the actual dollar amount spent on… Read More

Salary Cap Room

The Buccaneers currently are sitting with $36.94 million in available cap space after there moves thus far this off-season. The team has hit the salary cap floor, but still has room to make several roster moves if the right player or players be come available either through trades or hit the open market after the… Read More

With reports surfacing that the NFL will bump the cap by nearly $4 million from $123 million to $127 million in 2009, the Buccaneers are flush with nearly $70 million in available cap room with the start of free agency looming. The team used what many describe as the LTBE loophole, to roll unused money… Read More

Peter King, of Sports Illustrated.com, firmly believes the Bucs wont be a major player in the lottery sweepstakes to gain the services of what many have coined, as the prized free agent in this years class DT Albert Haynesworth. From the lead horses mouth Mark Dominik stated “To sit there and say we’re going to… Read More